With the likelihood of recession, the rise of intense new political views the great planetary cycles that begin in 2019 could literally, make you or break you. It all depends on how you expect to react to the what is the calling of life now. Knowledge is power, perhaps more than ever. Jpin Esteban Goode Hill for this highly useful and informative presentation to the year ahead. 

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Understanding 2019

Wed 9th January 2019, 7pm

"Out of Plastic" explores the dark depths of plastics in the Mediterranean. Set in the Balearic Islands, it offers a space for reflection on the impact of plastic in our lives and our natural environment. Through landscapes and views of the ocean depths, the documentary aims to demonstrate that our excessive consumption of plastic for single use has tipped the balance to the detriment of nature and, ultimately, of ourselves.

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Film Viewing

Tuesday 22nd January 7pm

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